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C.S.R. Delft

Civitas Studiosorum Reformatorum is a vibrant, enthusiastic Christian student association in Delft, rich in traditions that have developed over the past 61 years. We are counting 275 members coming from all kinds of Christian backgrounds, united in the Christian faith. C.S.R. is a community in which friendships are made, where personal, intellectual, and spiritual development is encouraged and where we enjoy the fun of a good student prank.

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This is C.S.R. Delft

OWee: 21 t/m 25 August:

The OWee is a week that is organized every year. This year is will be from the 21th until the 25th of August. During this week you can get to know the TU, applied sciences studies, study association, student associations, sports associations etc.! These groups will present themselves during this week. C.S.R. will organize a lot of fun and interesting activities during the week where you can get to know our association and our members. We hope to see you in the OWee!

Get to know C.S.R./ Questions

Of course there's the possibility to speak with us during the OWee and there's also the possibility to visit us at Oude Delft 9.

Do you want to become a member? Registration is open during the Owee (August 21 - 25). It is also possible to register in advance so that we can get in contact with you right when the OWee starts. Join us by clicking here. Make sure to reserve the week of August 29 to September 2 for the introduction week of C.S.R.

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