International students

C.S.R. and international students

C.S.R. is the largest student union under the flag of IFES Nederland. C.S.R. is open to international English-speaking students, even though we are a Dutch association. We are proud of the diversity in our association, and international students certainly contribute to this diversity.

Your place to be?

C.S.R. is open for English-speaking students who are staying for at least a full year, who wish to learn Dutch, are interested in the Christian character of our association ánd are interested in the cultural aspect of our student association.

If you are going to be in Delft for less than two years, or if you are mainly looking for a Christian friends, we advise you to also look at the organizations listed below. We would love to welcome you at C.S.R., but you might enjoy ICF or other churches and christian organizations more.
Whatever your case might be, you are always welcome to email us to discuss with us which would be the best place for you.

First year at C.S.R. for English students

For the integration of international students into our association, we have the English track. This track is for English students who want to join the association, are interested in our association culture and Bible study groups, and are willing to learn Dutch within one year.

The official language at our association is Dutch, which is why we ask you to learn Dutch. Ideally, after six months you will have reached the level where you can follow conversations and lectures in Dutch.
A member of our association will be your buddy (Amice Integratie) and will meet with you regularly. Your buddy will help you integrate into our association and make sure you find your place in our association.

During the first year, you'll be joining an English Bible study group. If you have mastered Dutch sufficiently in the first year, you'll continue in a Dutch group from your second year on. Bible groups are the core activity of our association, so it is important that you have no issue with the language during these meetings.


IFES-Delft is a team of students who are attending the Delft University of Technology. These students are also involved in christian student associations in Delft, however we offer help and activities to all international students, regardless cultural of religious backgrounds. About every month we are organising Intercultural Eveninings for both International and Dutch students.

Our goals in IFES in Delft are:
  • To help international students feel at home in Delft.
  • To give you an opportunity to make new friends in Delft.
  • To offer students the opportunity to look at the claims of Christianity.

Some regular activities:
  • OWee - international OWee
  • Christmas dinner December
  • Intercultural evening: 'Sinterklaas'

You can find more information about IFES on the IFES Nederlands site.

Pieter van Schaik ( or
Contact person in Delft for IFES

Project Delft

Project Delft

Looking for a room?

  • Forum of C.S.R. (mainly Dutch, but English is no problem.)

Churches and organistions

Churches and organisations which have English activities and facilities too.

Learn more about Christianity

Student Alpha is a semester course by students about Christian faith.
On this site you can find more information.