Become a member of C.S.R.

C.S.R. Delft is the biggest Christian student association in Delft. Becoming a member will give you a chance to make friends for life and enjoy the numerous activities we organize. You have the opportunity to keep investing in your faith and strengthen it with our bible studies, prayer groups and worship sessions. Being a member will ensure you of beautiful moments that you won’t forget.

At C.S.R. we are connected through our christian faith, although we all are completely different. Everyone is welcome at C.S.R. regardless of your church background, cultural background, sexual orientation or how you identify.

OWee August 13 to 17

At the beginning of each study year an opening weeks, OWee, is organized. This week is the best way to get to know the university, student associations, study associations, sports associations, churches and more! All these mentioned groups have their own way of introducing themselves to the students and C.S.R. is also part of the fun. During the week of 13-17 August, you have the chance to get to know C.S.R. better! It is also possible to become a member of C.S.R. in this week.

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Interested in C.S.R.?

Are you convinced to become a member of C.S.R. next study year? That is great to hear! You can become an official member during the OWee.

Introduction week

When you want to become a member of C.S.R. you will join the introduction week (also called new members period). This will take place during the week of August 21 until August 26. In this week you will get to know each other as new members, the members of C.S.R. and all ins and outs about our association. The activities during this new members period will always be done in a respectful and safe manner.


Together with the other big student associations (DSC, Virgiel, Sint Jansbrug and DSB) and the TU Delft C.S.R. has written a code of conduct for which we hold each other accountable. This states the agreements on how we want to treat each other within the association and during the new members period. In the three documents below you can read the agreements that we as C.S.R. made with the TU Delft.