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C.S.R. Delft is the biggest Christian student association in Delft. Being a member means you will make lifelong friends and together enjoy the activities our community offers. It means you will grow in faith and can develop yourself during small groups, prayer groups and worship nights. Being a member will create beautiful moments during your student life that you will remember for the rest of your life!

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Introduction week

When you want to become member of C.S.R. you'll be going through the "novitiaatsweek" This week is from the 23rd of august to the 29th of august, so make you to save those dates! In this week you'll be getting to know the association and its members. The activities during this week will be in a respectful and safe way.


Together with the other big student associations (DSC, Virgiel, Sint Jansbrug and DSB) and the TU Delft C.S.R. has written a code of conduct for which we hold each other accountable. This states the agreements on how we want to treat each other within the association and during the new members period. In the three documents below you can read the agreements that we as C.S.R. made with the TU Delft.