Association of Christian students

Civitas Studiosorum Reformatorum is a vibrant, enthusiastic Christian student association in Delft, rich in traditions that have developed over the past 60 years. We are counting 300 members coming from all kinds of Christian backgrounds, united in the Christian faith. C.S.R. is a community in which friendships are made, where personal, intellectual, and spiritual development is encouraged and where we enjoy the fun of a good student prank.


The diversity of C.S.R. also shows in the wide range of activities, both educational and entertaining and varying from sports to relaxing activities. The most important activity is the biweekly Bible study group activity. In addition, we have academic discussion groups, lectures and LeOs that contribute to your development! We also often see each other in our Confide society-building for, for example, our meals, drinks, parties and lectures. You can also put all your energy in the many sub-associations and committees. Sailing, playing football, winter sports, organizing a gala or a weekend or studying together in the University Library? It's all possible at C.S.R.!

Chill vibe

We like to socialize, have a drink and maintain good friendships. And we are certainly not afraid to engage in an in-depth conversation about the Bible or their view of contemporary society.
Also take a look digitally on this website, or watch the video below:

Faith, education, friends

Lots of activities are organized throughout the year by various committees and by our board: a group of five students running C.S.R. fulltime. The main component (and the only obligatory activity) is the smallgroup where we meet each other in groups of about 7 students twice a month to get to know one another, read the bible, sing and pray. Furthermore there are study groups studying any sort of subject, there are lectures quite regularly, and every Thursday night we meet in Confide, our own building, to drink and relax. We also have meals every Thursday which are open to guests, so feel free to join us every Thursday from 18.00 (please email us so that we can get a plate ready for you)

So if you are interested to get to know us, stop by at Confide at any Thursday for a meal or a drink. Also, you can get in touch with our board to see if C.S.R. could be anything for you.