Bible study groups

Every two weeks there is a very important activity within C.S.R.: Bible study. This happens in a group of 5-8 people. Here you get to know God and each other better. The evening starts with a meal and progresses after a few songs of praise into a prepared Bible study. The evening often ends with a beer and some socializing. Every year two themes are studied. The evenings vary from week to week and depend on what you're looking for. The main goal is as a group to grow towards God. If you join C.S.R. and are dutch, you first join a 'first-years' group. For international students who only speak English special arrangements can be made.

If you want to become a member of C.S.R., you will be placed with other freshmen and two senior group leaders in a Bible study group. Are you not a member, but do you want to join a C.S.R. Bible study group? Please contact the vice-abactis.


Wherever you come from, when you start studying you can make new friends. C.S.R. is a great place to make friends for life. Because of the broad variety of activities organised there are always people to meet up with whose company you'll undoubtedly enjoy. C.S.R. aims to form a community where everyone feels welcome.

LeO (praise evening)

Five to six times a year there is a LeO. LeO stands for Laudate et Orate which is Latin for praise & prayer. During LeO-evenings (LeOs) we take the time to worship God as a community. We sing songs which are led by our own band. Often there is an overarching theme for the whole year which shines through every evening. The evenings are often well visited, awesome to see so many people come to worship Him!

Studenten Alpha Course

Do you have questions about the christian faith? Are you wondering what Christians base their faith on? The Student Alpha Course aims to clarify what Christians believe and why. The course consists of ten Wednesday evenings where you can come with all your questions and learn more about Christianity.

An evening starts with a meal, then after a good cup of coffee a someone opens the evening with a short talk. The talk is then discussed in smaller groups. At the end of the evening you finish with a more informal socializing aspect. Are you interested? Have a look on!