On Thursday evenings there is an opportunity to have a meal at Confide, our building. Here up to 100 people can join together in eating and socializing. After the meal you can stay and have drinks at our bar.


Apart from personal and christian development is enjoying each others company important. Every Thursday our building Confide is open for drinks. From about eight pm the bar-committee facilitates drinks ranging from water and sodas to beer and whiskeys.


Twice a year a party is organized by the Party-Committee. Our own DJ's play songs all night long! We invite others to come too, from student organizations Navigators and Ichthus from Leiden and Rotterdam. When they have parties, we often attend too.


In 1961 C.S.R. was founded. This anniversary is celebrated every year over two weeks. Every day features a formal yet informal debate, drinks and an activity. The Dies weeks end with a formal gala.


The LEF, Lazy Eating Festival (roughly translated), is a great way to end your exam week. Its a very relaxed meal and themed drinks evening.