Skiing: Sneeuwprêt

Every year a subgroup Sneeuwprêt organizes a great winter sports trip. For members and other students is this the way to enjoy skiing, snowboarding and each other! A mixture of skiers, snowboarders, diehards and noobs, gives everybody a friend to make great trips. Also, a well-deserved apres-ski won't be forgotten after a day of winter sports. The trip is every year in the TU-holiday: the beginning of February, after the exams. The perfect way to get together!

Soccer: Ampel

Ampel is the subgroup in C.S.R. if you love football. There are multiple teams which play at different levels. One team is great in scoring during the game, the other team is great at the enjoying a pint after the game. For a beginner, Ampel is a great way to start playing football. Every Monday evening games will be played at X (the sports faculty on the TU campus) against teams of different associations. Play next year with us?

Sailing: Beaufort

What is better than the wind through your hairs? At Beaufort they know it all! For sailing, fun and adventures on the water, Beaufort is the subgroup. Four times per year we go with a varied group sailing, with as highlight the SumerSailStrayWeek. During this 'triple-SW' we sail through Friesland and sleep on the boat. If you want to enjoy the sun or the sailing, you're welcome at Beaufort.

Cycling: Frame

An active group of enthusiastic cyclists meet to go biking. These trips differ always. There is a trip called apple pie, which is calm and is meant to enjoy Delft and its surroundings. Of course, there are also competitive members, who like to cycle fast. A trip to Hoek van Holland, is great for that. Once a year, we join a cycling event, this is a sportive challenge. So are you looking for a sportive challenge or the company of a group cyclists, this is all available at subgroup Frame.

Reading: Boekeboekeboeke

Want to relax and read a book on a sunny day in the park? Or just enjoy an in-depth book? Or train your brain with a good detective book? Either way, you can enjoy books in many different ways. And this enjoyment of books, that is central to Boekeboekeboeke. By means of spontaneous and organized reading activities you can also enjoy your chill moments in a busy study year.
In addition to reading together, we lend each other books and give tips for new titles. From lengthy philosophical tome to a smooth, exciting novel, we have it all.

Watch an interview with members from different sub-associations during OWee 2020 (in Dutch):