There are often weekends away with C.S.R. in between the busy study schedule. During the first weekend of the year the whole community goes away on a weekend. This is filled with socializing, talks and games. The picture below is a game called "kwallenballen", a mix of rugby/American-football with a bag of dirt as ball. It's awesome to get to know people better when you're together for a whole weekend. With your Bible study group you also go away for a weekend every year. This is a much more informal and natural way to build up friendships.

Association houses

C.S.R. has a bunch of houses with predominantly C.S.R.-ers living there. Grabbing a beer together, exercising, watching a movie or going to activities together are all things that make them part of C.S.R.' identity.

Are you looking for housing?
Have a look at the movie below or look at our forum.


In addition to attending a smallgroup, workgroup, meal and drinks, you can also join sub-associations. For example, there are members who participate together in the Monday evening football competition, members who sail, fish, drive a Citroen or play the organ, but also members who together form a sub-association purely because they are female or tall. The sports sub-associations can be found here.