Study groups

Once a month there is a educational study activity. This monthly study group discusses social-cultural themes. The group consists of six to twenty people, which meet to discusses a social theme. Topics can range from cooking, coffee, ministry, or dancing to science, church history, and relationships.


Lectures are organized within the Civitas to stimulate members and encourage them to think about important and complex issues from a Christian perspective. By organizing the lectures, the board allows the members to gather knowledge on a social, academic and personal level.

Leadership, evangelizing in Amsterdam, apologetics (just google it), sustainability are examples of topics that are treated. The lectures help to shift your thinking and to look beyond your (Christian) nose. Furthermore, talking to someone who can be an example for you is good for your development!


Within the Civitas many committees are active to keep the association going. The OWee committee, abbreviated to OWeeCie, is the first committee of C.S.R. with which a prospective student comes into contact during the OWee. In addition to the OWeeCie, C.S.R. has more than twenty committees, each with its own task. Committees consist of members who would like to use skills and knowledge to contribute to C.S.R. For example, organizing the dies, writing for the association magazine, or pouring drinks at the bar.

Watch a lecture from the OWee 2020 here: