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Hi, my name is Kamran (27) I currently live in Amsterdam with my uncle and his family. I have lived there for 6 years. I am looking for a new place to live because of several reasons but most importantly moving closer to my university starting in August.
I am employed at Not For Sale; a non-profit organisation against Human Trafficking (Dignita Amsterdam) and have been working there for more than 1 year where I feel safe financially(COVID 19, of course, can change everything in any moment). . In my free time, I usually research about my favourite subjects such as the aviation industry, live production and engineering in different fields. I am also fully active in my church community CLC & Hillsong Church,( when I move I need to look for a new community as well) volunteer at specific organizations and enjoy biking. I am a very clean, organised, quiet and friendly person. If you have any questions or need references please let me know via email or phone.

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